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Dear Creator!!!

I'm so excited for this exchange; YOI basically devoured me in November. I'm not even usually into sports anime. But. I was incredibly into Figure Skating RPF during the Vancouver Olympics, and what I'd heard of YOI sounded slashy, so I thought I'd give it a try. And oh my god, it's everything I ever wanted in a figure skating anime :D

It's probably apparent that I adore Yuri Plisetsky. (delicate fairy! loves cats! passionate and determined! values his friends and family! is 110% ready to fuck you up!) And I multi-ship the hell out of him. I've requested some old favorite ships as well as some ships that have newly captured my imagination.

I know this letter is a bit long; I do a lot of exchanges and geek out about letters :D Feel free to use one of my prompts, take only part of a prompt, repurpose an idea from one ship to fit another, work off any of my Likes, or ignore the prompts and follow your own inspiration.

If you’d like clarification on anything, I’m happy to answer any questions sent via the mod.


General Preferences

For fic:

Length-wise, go wherever the story takes you! Past and present tense are both cool too. I'd be super into interactive fiction if you want to go there.

More than anything else, I’m a hurt/comfort junkie. Emotional and physical h/c are both catnip to me, whether it's the focus of the fic or just touches of it in worked in. I also tend to like emotionally tense get-together fics and/or complicated hook-ups rather than pure domestic fluff or established relationships. The tension can be due to dynamics between the characters, external forces, or both. (Depending on the ship, love and tenderness are A++! Picking out curtains and crying through a proposal, though, are not my thing.)

I'm happy with any rating, from General Audiences to Explicit. Plot is awesome, plot with porn is awesome, porn without plot is awesome. Smut-wise, I’m on-board for anal, oral, frottage, handjobs, only one person getting off. For on-screen anal, I do prefer that my faves bottom -- for YOI, that would be Yuri Plisetsky. My Smut Swap letter is still relevant, if that interests you.

For art:

I like both digital and traditional drawings. I'm interested in purposeful color schemes, which could be vibrant or restrained or even stark black and white -- something that fits your vision for the request. I like dynamic pieces, but also captured moments of stillness. I like emotion, tension, connection, hurt, and tenderness. I prefer identifiable figures instead of abstract pieces. Like with fic, anything from General Audiences to Explicit is fine by me.

I'm more interested in setting AUs for art than for fic -- especially fantasy settings, steampunk, cyberpunk, urban sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Magic tattoos and drapey clothing and too-tight clothing and dragon scales and sparks at their fingertips.

If you can work in some hurt/comfort elements here too, I'm not going to complain.

Note -- I love art, but I'm not an artist myself. Please feel welcome to contact me through the mod if you need me to give more or different information. I think most of my prompts lend themselves to visual interpretations of specific scenes or situations; for those that might not, I've tried to include separate visual notes.

Yes, Please!

  • Age differences
  • Bondage, blindfolds
  • Brave, silent suffering until another character realizes something’s wrong
  • Canon divergence AUs
  • Catboys (particularly if they purr and go into heat)
  • Corsets
  • Cum inflation
  • Dubcon, manipulation, complicated feelings
  • Emotional and/or physical hurt/comfort
  • Hand-holding, casual touches, tenderness
  • Happy or ambiguous endings
  • Huddling for warmth, locked in a closet, enforced proximity scenarios
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Loyalty and protectiveness
  • Omegaverse (especially claiming, heats, and knotting. Slick's fine as long as it isn't excessive/soaking through clothing.)
  • Overworking, intentional or accidental undereating, self-care failures due to stress
  • Possessiveness
  • Praise kink
  • Rough sex, hair-pulling, bite-marks, bruises, breath play, spanking
  • Sex pollen, fuck or die, desperation scenarios
  • Size kink – both the size difference and the massive dick kind
  • Somnophilia - all consent levels, waking up or not are both fine
  • Tentacles

Do Not Want

  • Animal harm/death
  • Crossovers/fusions
  • Extreme underage (14+ is fine)
  • First or second person POV
  • Infidelity, requested ships breaking up*
  • Main character death, graphic gore, permanent maiming/incapacitation (so, no career-ending injuries)
  • Pregnancy, requested characters as parents
  • Scat, watersports, emetophilia, rimming, sounding
  • Setting-change AUs, role-reversal AUs, age swap AUs, gender identity AUs**

*Infidelity Notes: For JJ/Yuri ships, please handwave and pretend JJ isn't dating Isabella. Same for Chris/Yuri ships -- please handwave his probable boyfriend out of the picture. For Victor/Yuri ships, I'd also rather have an AU where Victor/Yuuri just never happened -- I don't want them to have been together and then broken up or anything. Victor can still coach Yuuri, of course :)

The canon ships as background pairings are fine if they don't interfere with the requested ship. (So, background JJ/Isabella is fine in a Chris/Victor/Yuri fic, for example.)

**As said in the art section, setting change AUs are fine for art.

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General Prompts

Here's some stuff that could be applied to any or all of my requested ships!

  • Prompt 1: Wagers! In practice, competition, leisure time, whenever. "If I land this jump, you have to do X." "If I beat you in this event, you have to do Y." "Okay, but if you don't, you have to.." Consequences can be sexy (kiss me, blow me, take your shirt off, wear cat ears and a collar for me) or a bit more romantic (go on a date!), depending on ship and what you'd prefer to write or draw. Longer fic could do a series of escalating wagers, but just one would be perfect for shorter fic!
  • Prompt 2: And this is going back to my baby-fan roots, but I'm a sucker for party game tropes. Spin the bottle, never have I ever, seven minutes in heaven, strip poker -- you know, just casual games between friends ;) Maybe a handful of skaters end up hanging out in one's hotel room after a gala, and then one by one people leave until only two are left? Or they end up making out while everyone else is still there, that works too ;)
  • Prompt 3: For something a bit less lighthearted -- they're all high-level athletes under intense pressure. Exploring the healthy and unhealthy ways they deal with that pressure and stress (alone, or with each other, or both) is very interesting to me.
  • Prompt 4: Art prompt! I would love to see any of my ships reimagined as tarot cards. Either representing a specific existing card, or just in a symbolic card-like design. Tarot imagery would be A++ in fic too.
  • Prompt 5: Okay, this one's an glaring exception to my general "No total AUs" thing: Showjumping AU. Give me tight breeches and tall boots and obsession over the lines of their legs. The precision and daring of their riding styles. Inappropriate use of riding crops. Taking a break and going out for romantic trail rides alone (and then fucking in the forest? lol.) Clandestine tack room hookups. Gratuitous descriptions of how great their horses are. (Dressage works too, as does cross country. No thoroughbred racing, please.) (Also: please no bestiality-adjacent jokes about mounting each other, being hung like a horse, etc. Those are often fine with me, but not in a context where there are actual horses around)

And some bonus song prompts, too, if digging into lyrics appeals to you.

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Christophe Giacometti/Yuri Plisetsky:
These two don't interact a whole lot on-screen, but I really want to see how their personalities might mesh! The age and experience and size differences are fun to play with. Chris could be a good tempering influence on Yuri - "here's how to have a competitive rivalry without driving all your friends away by being a brat." Or Chris could be a very, very bad influence instead, if you know what I mean ;)

Maybe Yuri's fascinated by Chris's very sensual style, and fixates on him to figure out how he can convey similar passion on the ice. Maybe they hook up at a banquet. Maybe they bond over cat photos. Maybe they run into each other at a club. Maybe they're just hanging out at an event, and find a connection/attraction. Art snapshots of any of the above would be excellent. Extra visuals: hair-pulling, impromptu bondage, pole-dancing, comfy cat sweaters.

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky:
Give me all the angry teasing here :D I love JJ pulling Yuri's pigtails, so to speak, and Yuri overreacting. Yuri gets pissed both when JJ teases him and when JJ tries to be nice to him. I like the concept of Yuri being even more angry about being attracted to him. I really like the concept of them being wildly attracted to each other, aware of each other's presence, etc. And maybe JJ realizing he genuinely likes Yuri, and then the process of actually *acting* on that is definitely fraught. I see JJ being the more mature one here who realizes what's up, but which of them actually acts on it first could go however you'd like.

Angry sex, a one night stand, a one night stand that leads to more, an Actual Date, stuck in an elevator -- I'm down :D Visuals I like: height difference, angry blushing, tenderness, cat stuff, maybe dancing? Any sort of dancing -- ballet, ballroom, getting down and dirty.

Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky:
I really enjoy the evolution of their relationship. Yuri gets to share a rink and a coach with his idol, so there's the distance of age and prestige but also the closeness as teammates. Yuri puts a lot of weight into Victor's promise to him, and Victor's very invested in Yuri's success. ...while Yuri can also be a complete brat about anything and everything :D Fic-wise, I'm into canon-era, maybe slightly pre-canon, and also what comes next -- how does their relationship continue to evolve now that Victor's returning to the ice, and they're going to directly compete against each other for the first time?

I'm down for anything from tender to badwrong to a bit of both with them. Toss in some of my kinkier likes, delve into emotions, or get some emotional, character-driven kink in here. Art and fic that plays up the size difference would be much-loved. And art or fic set in an AU where it was Yuri who hit on Victor at the infamous banquet instead of Yuuri could be amazing.

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Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky:
Friendly rivals + next gen rising star = shadow's down for this. Victor and Christophe have such great camaraderie and chemistry off the ice, and I'm very interested in seeing that spiced up by adding Yuri. I'm open a lot of possible configurations/set-ups: Established relationship Victor/Christophe hooking up with Yuri as a one-time/occasional thing. Established relationship Victor/Christophe bringing in Yuri as a more permanent arrangement. On-again, off-again fuckbuddies Victor/Christophe hooking up with Yuri. Established hook-ups or relationship Victor/Yuri, and Victor persuades Yuri it'd be fun to share. Or crushes and pining in various combos, but nobody's actually gotten together until now. Whatever makes sense to you.

I'm into Yuri being very brash/eager and then getting in way over his head & overwhelmed. Hotel room or poolside shenanigans. Banquets gone awry (I am always into this, lol). Victor and Christophe have a habit of going clubbing after events; this time Yuri finally tags along. Pole dancing contest. Gratuitous cuddling.

Christophe Giacometti/Yuri Plisetsky/Christophe Giacometti's Boyfriend:
Christophe's mysterious male companion! Here's what we know, as listed on the wiki: "He is a member of the Swiss Skating Federation, possibly a former ice dancer, and he takes care of Chris's cat." I'd like him to be in an established relationship with Chris (since he's in this tag set as "Chris's Boyfriend") and I imagine he's someone who can definitely keep up with Chris, but other than that, he's totally open to your interpretation. However you want to headcanon him, whatever you want to name him, etc.

Anyway. I'm down for Chris/CGB/Yuri as a one-time or occasional thing, or building into a consistent threeway relationship. You can take any of my Chris/Yuri prompts above and just add in CGB. Or maybe CGB notices Yuri's crush on Chris, and thinks it's cute -- plus the kid looks very bendy, so why don't they invite him into bed for a night? Maybe someone gets drunk and ends up in the wrong hotel room. I could see Chris having an exhibitionism kink and getting off on CGB watching him and Yuri together... or them teasing Chris by making him watch as they make out/fuck/whatever. I would not say no to fic or art of a game of strip poker on a hotel bed.

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky:
I talked about JJ/Yuri and Victor/Yuri above. For the third leg of the triangle, damn. JJ's been working and planning to finally beat Victor -- and then Victor retires. The competitive cock-blocking must be so frustrating. And I can easily see attraction there, especially with JJ's desire to get Victor's attention. I like the idea that Victor maybe pays a *bit* more attention to JJ than he lets on, but is amused at how flustered JJ gets when he thinks Victor's forgotten his name :D I like the dynamic with their age differences -- JJ's more levelheaded than Yuri, but still younger and less experienced than Victor.

You're welcome to start with established JJ/Yuri or Victor/Yuri, and bring the third in either for a one-time or longterm thing. (I have a bit more trouble seeing established Victor/JJ, but if you can swing it I wouldn't say no! In that case I'd definitely want Yuri as part of the endgame, though.) Or first times all around. Yuri's boyfriend finding out about his crush on the other, and discovering he's into sharing. Competing for Victor's attention turns into something more. Yuri developing terribly inconvenient simultaneous crushes. Alpha!Victor/Alpha!JJ/Omega!Yuri would be great. Or catboy!Yuri goes into heat. Some visuals: stretching, half-undressed, bruises, lip-biting, someone holding Yuri from behind while the other kisses him (or leans in for a kiss).

Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky/Georgi Popovich:
I've talked about Yuri and Victor above a lot, and I also love Georgi. I love his drama, his passion, his dedication. He's not on Victor's level, but he's a top skater in a very competitive country for skating; he's got an edge. I could see his resentment of Victor taking the spotlight being complicated by a massive crush, and his interest in Yuri as a rising star transforming into a romantic fascination as well. But they're also all teammates, and very comfortable with each other. They see each other through a lot of ups and downs. Add all that to Victor and Yuri's dynamic, and the threesome possibilities are excellent.

I'll admit, the prompt that immediately jumps out for these three is "Victor and Georgi initiate Yuri into seniors. With sex." (Whether that is an actual tradition or just something Victor made up is debateable.) A night out comforting Georgi after a break-up could turn into something more. Maybe Georgi and Yuri both have insane crushes on Victor, and they compete for his affections until he picks both. Or A/B/O, and Victor and Georgi are alphas sharing/competing over Omega!Yuri? Maybe Yuri has fun teasing both of them for weeks, until Victor and Georgi decide enough's enough and team up on him. Other visuals: evil witch costumes, other fairy tale things, locker room, doing each other's hair, smudged eyeliner.

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Doubles & Tentacles

For these ships, you can, of course, push the setting boundaries with sci-fi and fantasy justifications -- just as long as the characters are all still skaters, etc. Whether random doubles or tentacle monsters are something impossible and shocking or plausible (and still shocking? :P) in that setting is up to you.

I don't want clones who were cloned as embryos and raised as separate people in the same world -- that's basically just twins. So, time travel shenanigans, accidentally crossed over from an alternate dimension, or science-magically duplicated in the present are all great options.

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky:
And Yuri thought one JJ was bad enough :D I see this as double the trouble, and JJ being constantly unsure whether he should be competing with himself or teaming up with himself to drive Yuri wild. If JJ2 comes from an alternate dimension, slightly different tattoos would be cool. I'm really into identical, same-age JJ duplicates or one being canon-age + one being a few years older.

Feel free to indulge in tropey drama, as long as everything gets kissed better by the end, haha. JJ getting jealous seeing himself making out with Yuri. Yuri only being in a relationship with one and accidentally making a move on the wrong one without realizing it. Yuri running into JJ1 the day after hooking up with JJ2, and thinks JJ1's pretending the night before didn't mean anything. I'm always a fan of Yuri being emotionally dialed up to 11, lol. ...pure smut works too. I like romance, possessiveness, roughness, praise.

Victor Nikiforov/Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky:
Off the top of my head, my favorite options here would be same-age 27/28-year-old Victors, or 27/28-year-old Victor plus late-teens long-haired Victor :D Victor's vain enough I think he could be quite distracted by himself in either scenario. And Yuri tries very hard to stay jaded, but two Victors would dazzle anyone.

I like them playfully teaming up on Yuri. I also like Yuri pushing one or both of them to the point where they lose their temper. (one of them holds him down while the other spanks him? :D) Tropey drama is welcome here as well, as are overwhelming first relationships/first kisses/first time sex on Yuri's part. I'm open to dubcon if you are. More visuals: flower crowns, wrists tied with ribbons, cat ears, scandalous costumes.

Yuri Plisetsky/Tentacle Monster:
Okay, I'm definitely not into this for the Safe Sane Consensual jazz. I like dubcon and noncon all the way here, whether of the purely horrifying or "oh no, this is starting to feel good, I don't want it to feel so good" variety. (hurting is good. sex pollen so he physically wants it is good. hurting while he wants it is good too :D) For fic, the set-up's up to you. Maybe Yuri gets lost in a remote area of Hatetsu. Maybe he's out on like a camping retreat with other skaters and gets accosted by a tentacle creature in the wilderness. It could be an octopus/kraken-style tentacle monster, or something land-based. I'm also down for rapey plants with vine-tentacles. Maybe a demented fan gives him a super creepy potted plant that ends up growing massive and raping him?

Kinks I'm really down for: improbably large insertions, stomach bulging, cum inflation, sex pollen, nipple-sucking, overstimulation, knotting, crying, forced orgasm. Feel free to take liberties with anatomy in terms of what can actually go up a butt without causing irreparable damage.

You don't have to spell this out explicitly, but I'd like him in a state where he could plausibly physically recover from the encounter. Mental recovery can be harder, but I do like him brittle and ruthlessly suppressing his trauma.

I also have a very specific humiliation squick, and I don't want the entire world or all the other skaters, etc, knowing about Yuri's tentacle encounter. So if you're writing fic and want to deal with any aftermath, I'd rather have nobody find out, or just a potential friend/love interest or two. (ideally, from one of the other ships I've requested)

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