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Dear Smut Swapper,

Thank you for offering one or more of my favorite ships and kinks! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Feel free to use one of my prompts, take only part of a prompt, repurpose a prompt from one canon to fit another, work off any of my Likes, or ignore the prompts and follow your own inspiration.

I also put quite a bit of thought (and color-coded spreadsheets...) into narrowing down my kink lists per fandom. So, I'm way more invested in getting something that fits "Requested Ship + Requested Kink" than in something that matches a prompt but sidelines the kink. I get very excited about this exchange :D

If you’d like clarification on anything, I’m happy to answer any questions sent via the mod.


General Preferences

I've requested both fic and art for all of my ships.

For fic:

I like all lengths, so go wherever the story takes you. A steamy snapshot? Awesome! Slowburn longfic? Totally rad! Past and present tense are both cool too. I'd be super into interactive fiction (Choose Your Own Porn, y/y?).

More than anything else, I’m a hurt/comfort junkie. I also tend to like emotionally tense get-together fics and/or complicated hook-ups rather than pure domestic fluff or established relationships. The tension can be due to dynamics between the characters, external forces, or both. (Depending on the ship, love and tenderness are A++! Picking out curtains and crying through a proposal, though, are not my thing.)

I’m on-board for anal, oral, frottage, handjobs, only one person getting off. But for on-screen anal, I do prefer that my faves bottom (that would be Chuuya, Noctis, Ritsuka, Gaara, Rin, and Yuri)(For my non-Chuuya BSD ships, I also kinda prefer Dazai on top. I don't usually have a toppy bicycle, so this is new for me!! Atsushi and Akutagawa can go any damn way they like).

For art:

I like all sorts of mediums. I'm interested in purposeful color schemes, which could be vibrant or restrained or even stark black and white -- something that fits your vision for the request. I like dynamic pieces, but also captured moments of stillness. I like emotion, tension, connection, hurt, and tenderness. I prefer identifiable figures instead of abstract pieces.

As a general prompt: I would love to see any of my ships reimagined as tarot cards. Either representing a specific existing card, or just in a symbolic card-like design.

Note -- I love art, but I'm not an artist myself. Please feel welcome to contact me through the mod if you need me to give more or different information :) I think most of my prompts lend themselves to visual interpretations of specific scenes or situations; for those that might not, I've tried to include separate visual notes.

Yes, Please!

  • Age differences
  • Bondage, blindfolds
  • Brave, silent suffering until another character realizes something’s wrong
  • Canon divergence AUs
  • Corsets
  • Cum inflation
  • Dubcon, manipulation, complicated feelings
  • Emotional and/or physical hurt/comfort
  • Hand-holding, casual touches, tenderness
  • Happy or ambiguous endings
  • Huddling for warmth, locked in a closet, enforced proximity scenarios
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Loyalty and protectiveness
  • Omegaverse (especially claiming, heats, and knotting. Slick's fine as long as it isn't excessive/soaking through clothing.)
  • Overworking, intentional or accidental undereating, self-care failures due to stress
  • Possessiveness
  • Praise kink
  • Rough sex, hair-pulling, bite-marks, bruises, breath play, spanking
  • Sex pollen, fuck or die, desperation scenarios
  • Size kink – both the size difference and the massive dick kind
  • Tentacles

Do Not Want

  • Animal harm/death
  • Crossovers/fusions
  • Extreme underage (15+ is fine)
  • First or second person POV
  • Infidelity, main ships breaking up*
  • Main character death, graphic gore, permanent maiming/incapacitation**
  • Main ships with OCs (side character OCs are fine!)
  • Pregnancy, requested characters as parents
  • Scat, watersports, emetophilia, rimming, sounding
  • Setting-change AUs, role-reversal AUs, gender identity AUs

*Infidelity Exception: If relevant, Noctis can still be technically betrothed to Luna -- just treat it more as a political thing, or don't mention it.

**Maiming/Death Exceptions: Rin can lose his leg like in canon. Noah can be dead like in canon, but can't "pass on" and leave. Gaara can have died and come back like in canon.

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Requests 1-2: Bungou Stray Dogs

The character designs are what first drew me in, and I actually made a pixiv account just so I could look for more BSD fanart. I've been cycling through BSD wallpapers on my phone for the past two months. But after the character designs, the humor and complicated relationships and insane slash potential kept me hooked -- as well as the darkness.

Chuuya's so much fun for me. I like fic that keeps his edge, even when indulging in the fantastic whump potential of Corruption. I like him and Dazai being assholes to each other, but coming through when it really, really counts. I'm also a sucker for ridiculous!drunk!Chuuya.

Dazai's this fascinating mix between childish and jaded; he's a great strategist and a terrible mentor. I can see him hooking up or getting into a relationship because he thinks he can use it to his advantage, and then accidentally falling for real. I like him manipulative.

I like the vulnerability beneath Akutagawa's violence -- he's terrible at hiding his desperation to please, and he doesn't cope well with people who can match his power. His moments of restraint become significant.

Atsushi <3 In some ways he's a bit of an inverse of Akutagawa -- strength hiding beneath insecurity. I love his determination and conviction, but his anxiety's also still a big obstacle.

Note: I'm caught up with the anime. As of Feb. 11, I've read through chapter 37 of the manga, but I'll definitely be caught up by reveals :)

  • Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya
AdrenalineCrossdressing (sorry, chuuya...)Held DownSex as an Assertion of Dominance
Sharing Body HeatDancingInjured SexSex Bets
Alpha/ Beta/ Omega Dynamics (omega!chuuya)Desperate Arousal/Sexual FrustrationInterrogationSexting
AphrodisiacsDirty TalkKnotting (dazai's dick does the thing)Sharing a Bed
Arguing during sexDom/Sub | Power PlayLap Sex (dazai's lap)Size Kink
BruisesDrinking GamesMake Up/ Reconciliation SexSomnophilia
CaretakingDrug-Induced Sex (either or both could be drugged, etc)Mating Cycles/ In Heat (chuuya in heat)Trapped in a Small Space
Cat/Human HybridsDrugged SexNeck KissingUndercover as a Couple
Collars (on chuuya, ideally!)Emotional ManipulationPossessive Behaviorunexpected tenderness
Corsetry (chuuya again...)Hair-pullingPossessive JealousyWet Clothing Kink
  • Prompt 1: Dazai's completely moved on from the mafia, and he definitely doesn't want anything to do with Chuuya. But when he hears Chuuya has a new partner -- that's not acceptable.
  • Prompt 2: They're on a mission -- either during Dazai's mafia days, or forced to work together in another Mafia/Agency alliance mission -- and Chuuya gets unexpectedly affected by their target's ability. Maybe it's sex pollen, maybe he suddenly has oversensitive cat ears, maybe he's unnaturally sleepy. And whether Dazai's unable to touch the ability user in time to negate the ability, or whether he's perversely unwilling to is up to you :D
  • Prompt 3: Chuuya in a dress for whatever reason and being Extremely Grumpy about it is really appealing to me. Even if it kind of secretly turns him on, he'd never admit it, especially with Dazai teasing him. The art prompt's pretty obvious, there; fic-wise, maybe he has to dress up for a *handwave* mission, or he lost a bet...
  • Akutagawa Ryuunosuke/Nakajima Atsushi
  • Akutagawa Ryuunosuke/Dazai Osamu
  • Dazai Osamu/Nakajima Atsushi
AdrenalineDom/Sub | Power PlayNeediness to PleaseSharing Body Heat
Hair-pullingDrugged SexOblivious to AttractionBondage
AphrodisiacsDubious ConsentObsessionSomnophilia
Bathing/ WashingHand FeedingOverstimulationStalking
BlindfoldsInjured SexPerson Thinks They Can't Say No To Sex (Person = Aku or Atsushi)touch starvation
BruisesInsecurityPossessive BehaviorTraining
CaretakingInternalized Victim BlamingPossessive JealousyTrapped in a Small Space
CollarsKinking On The MacabrePraise Kinkunexpected tenderness
Comfort SexMating Cycles/In Heat (Aku or Atsushi in heat, please)Rough SexVoyeurism
Desperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationMind GamesSharing a BedWeaponized Sex Magic
  • Prompt 1: Any pair getting trapped in one of Poe's books! Accidentally or by design. The genre's up to you -- mystery, fairy tale, historical fiction, romance, erotica... Would be a great excuse for art with any sort of costume.
  • Prompt 2: Any of these ships would work great/terribly locked in a closet or trapped in a cabin in a snowstorm. Maybe one or both is also injured, for bonus H/C. Feel free to mix and match bickering, resentment, snark, tender care-taking, hatesex, cuddling for warmth, blatant seduction, sex pollen, or painful confessions, as appropriate for the ship or your own sensibilities.
  • Prompt 3: Bondage, maybe? ;) Seriously any pairing, art or fic, consensual or dubcon or noncon, before or after Dazai leaves the mafia. Using Rashoumon for bondage is A++, or bandages, but classic manacles are great too, as are collars... the power dynamics get pretty interesting with all of these ships.

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Requests 3-4: Final Fantasy XV

I don't know if I've ever been so simultaneously thrilled and shattered by a canon. Hopefully you're on board for Noctis Lives AUs, or things set mid-game that wouldn't contradict a Noctis Lives AU, because :( I'm also not really a fan of 10-year time skips in general, and it didn't work for me here. Again, mid-game stuff works! Or if you're able to eliminate or reduce the time skip to one year, that would be fantastic.

Overall, I'm down for a broad range of relationship dynamics. Depending on the time and place, I can see Ardyn and Ravus as more sympathetic or very much not sympathetic, more helpful or more harmful -- depending on how their personal agendas happen to interact with Noct's welfare that day. Gladio's good for fantastic protective loyalty kink and lashing out with stress and frustration. Ignis's weary mentor/guardian thing is great, and he can be snarky but also insightful when needed.

And then Noct <3 He struggles so much with just about everything, and I'm personally offended nobody hugged him in-game. He had so much to grieve for, and so little time and space to recover, and he cared so much about people. All the manhandling was great, though, whether protective or angry or bad-touch...

For most of my kinks, I'm into "excellent or terrible things happening to Noct." So generally I want him in the corset, or him getting classically conditioned, or him being a catboy. Lol.

Note: Noctis shouldn't die. And for Ardyn/Noct and Ravus/Noct, Ardyn and Ravus shouldn't die either.

  • Gladiolus Amicitia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ignis Scientia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
Alpha/Beta/ Omega Dynamics (omega!noct please)Experienced/ InexperiencedManhandling/ Shows of Athleticism During SexSharing Body Heat
Bathing/ WashingFuck Or DieMasturbation InterruptusSize Difference
Cat/Human HybridsHair-pullingMating Cycles/In Heat (noct in heat!)Size Kink
DancingHand FeedingSpankingSubspace/ Topspace
Desperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationOverstimulationDesperate Sextouch starvation
Dirty TalkInjured Sex (anyone can be injured :D)ProtectivenessTraining
Dom/Sub | Power PlayKnotting (gladio's or ignis's dick does the thing)Rough SexTrapped in a Small Space
Drinking GamesLap SexSex PollenUndercover as a Couple
Drug-Induced Sex (any/all of them can be drugged or sex pollen'd, etc)Large CockSexual TeasingVerbal Humiliation (it's canon gladio does this! it's personal fanon noct is weirdly into it...)
Drunk SexLoss of Virginity (i'm convinced noct was a virgin at the start of the game & definitely not by the end)Sharing a BedVirginity Kink
  • Prompt 1: Noct gets fucked over the hood of the Regalia.
  • Prompt 2: There are two great "huddling for warmth" opportunities that stuck out to me! The first was the "sword in the waterfall" quest, in the super cold cave system. The second was on the train later in the game, before or after they encounter the Glacian.
  • Prompt 3: After Gladio returns to the party, there's a line about him "making it up to Noctis in there." Fic about him making it up to Noct sexually, or emotionally reassuring him he'll always be there.
  • Prompt 4: Noct has a nightmare. H/C or more hurt ensues.
  • Prompt 5: Romantic date night in Altissia! Could be something surprisingly tender with Gladio or Ignis, or they fuck in a gondola, or things get a lil wild at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. ("if I beat you at Chocobo racing you have to do whatever I say tonight" y/y??)
  • Prompt 6: After Ignis goes blind, he and Noct get reacquainted through touch.
  • Prompt 7: Or, after Luna dies and Ignis goes blind, Gladio and Noctis try working out their scared-hurt-angry feelings through training. Or, at a less fraught point of canon, sparring gets heated anyway ;)
  • Ardyn Izunia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ravus Nox Fleuret/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ardyn Izunia/Ravus Nox Fleuret/Noctis Lucis Caelum
Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (omega!noct)CorsetryKnottingSaint Andrew's Cross (BDSM)
Aphrodisiacs (prefer noct under the influence for these ships)Dacryphilia (guess who's crying) (it's noct)LeashesSeduction
Arranged MarriageDancingManhandling/ Shows of Athleticism During SexSex for Favors
Asshole SpankingDirty TalkMating Cycles/ In HeatSize Difference
Blackmail/ Sexual CoercionDrugged SexNipple ClampsSize Kink
CaptivityDrunk SexNon-Consensual Somnophilia (with noct asleep - & he can wake up)Spoils of War
ChokingExperienced/ InexperiencedOverstimulationThrone Sex
Classical conditioningForced Eye ContactPiercings (nipples are my faves)Uninformed Consent
Clothed/ Naked (noct is naked)GropingRitual Rape (sorry, noct)War Trophy
Consent Rendered MeaninglessInterrogationRough SexWeaponized Sex Magic
  • Prompt 1: If Noct asks to ride along with Ardyn, Ardyn answers, "You might find the cab fare to be more than you bargained for." So, I'd love fic or art of Ardyn letting Noct ride along after all, and collecting that cab fare.
  • Prompt 2: What happens during the "several days later" at the start of chapter 5, when Ardyn has rescued them from Titan?
  • Prompt 3: Noct has a nightmare. H/C or more hurt ensues.
  • Prompt 4: Romantic date night in Altissia! Ardyn dubcon wines and dines Noctis -- or Ravus takes the opportunity to "negotiate" with Noctis... Or both. Both is good.
  • Prompt 5: Oh no, Luna's gone missing. Noctis will just have to marry Ravus instead.
  • Prompt 6: Ardyn decides he wants to rule the world, but he doesn't want to rule alone. Ardyn/Noct or Ardyn/Ravus/Noct all work very well here.
  • Prompt 7: Instead of being in the crystal or whatever for ten years, Noctis is held captive by Ardyn for one year.
  • Prompt 8: Canon divergence -- either from the signing of the treaty or another point -- Noct ends up as an honored guest/hostage at Niflheim's court. Cue decadent banquets, unwanted attention, and giving in to distraction. Ardyn being his creepy self. "Dancing" could work well here. For something less noncon/dubcon, Ravus and Noct could find some commonality in both being under Niflheim's thumb. (Or Ravus can just take out his own frustrations on Noct as a safe target too. I'm flexible.)

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Request 5: Loveless

I really like the cat ears, but am also down for fic where Ritsuka no longer has his ears, whether or not he loses them on-screen. (I'd prefer Ritsuka be at least 15 before anything more than making out or over-the-clothes bad-touching from Seimei.)

I see Soubi/Ritsuka as fluffy, angsty, hesitant, gentle, rough, dubcon, or any combination of the above! There are a lot of different routes you could sell me on. I do like mutual caretaking and hurt/comfort for them :) In terms of power dynamics, I'm really interested in Soubi's desire/need to submit, and how that meshes very messily with the fact that in this relationship, he's still the adult putting his leash in Ritsuka's hand. Ritsuka really isn't equipped to deal with Soubi's issues (and neither, of course, is Soubi).

Meanwhile, Seimei/Ritsuka goes way darker into dubcon territory. Seimei is pretty creepy and controlling, and Ritsuka's so desperate for his love and attention. Seimei demands complete devotion, and sometimes Ritsuka seems willing to give that.

In a situation with the three of them -- Seimei is very cold, but he does treat Ritsuka as exceptional. And he's happy to use Soubi and Ritsuka against each other.

  • Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei
  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka
  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei
Asshole SpankingDesperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationKnottingPunishment/ Reward
Bathing/ WashingDubious ConsentLap SexSecret Relationships/ Forbidden Relationships
BlindfoldsDubiously Consensual Loyalty KinkMating Cycles/In Heat (Ritsuka in heat.. his first, maybe?)Sex Pollen
BondageExperienced/ InexperiencedNearly Getting CaughtSexting
BreathplayFinger SuckingNipple/ Breast PlaySharing a Bed
Classical conditioningGroomingNipple/ Breast SuckingSize Difference
Clothed/ NakedGropingPerson Thinks They Can't Say No To SexSize Kink
CodependencyHair BrushingPiercingsSomnophilia
CollarsHaving to Stay Quiet/ Quiet SexPossessive BehaviorSubspace/ Topspace
CorsetryIncest KinkPraise KinkWeaponized Sex Magic
  • Prompt 1: I'd love to see Soubi and Ritsuka working through the aftermath of a battle -- maybe it dredged up some painful memories for either of them, maybe there's more physical hurt/comfort, maybe a spell had some lingering aftereffects (could be angsty aftereffects! could be porny aftereffects! dealer's choice!). Could also work for bad-wrong hurt/comfort with Seimei/Ritsuka or Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi.
  • Prompt 2: Somehow (AU where Soubi never shows up for Rituska?) Ritsuka ends up on the run and in hiding with Seimei. Maybe Seimei brought him with him when he originally left, or he comes back for him later. What do they get up to in hiding together? Does Seimei teach Ritsuka how to act as a Sacrifice (maybe using Nisei to practice on Ritsuka)? Would work for easily Seimei/Ritsuka or Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi -- or even Soubi/Ritsuka, with them finding companionship in Seimei's shadow.
  • Prompt 3: Art-wise, there's a lot of room for great imagery in the battle system! With all the magic & bondage going around.

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Request 6: Naruto

So apparently I didn't skip my Naruto phase. I just delayed it. We can blame the Crunchyroll free trial I forgot to cancel. I had to make the most of my accidental subcription somehow.

The melodrama and tragedy and humor and character designs and child soldiers and intense weird relationships of various flavors and 500 onsen episodes all really work for me. Looking at my requests, you may be able to discern my favorite character.

I adore him, murderously poor coping skills and all. I like fic that taps into vulnerabilities without handwaving the whole ruthless child murderer backstory thing. Explore how far he's grown emotionally, and how far he still has to go.

And like, have someone fuck him for days.

With Naruto, I love how deeply invested they are in each other. The saving-Gaara arc was extremely good to me. (I wonder if anyone told Gaara how much Naruto cried over him?) As of the point I've gotten to, they've mostly only seen each other in very high-stakes situations -- it would be interesting to how they interact in more casual scenarios. Getting to know each other, etc.

I also started hardcore shipping Kankurou with Gaara during the saving-Gaara arc. He was just so intense about going after him -- and standing up for him when the rest of the council didn't want to rescue him. I liked the bits we got about Kankurou clearing out potential threats when Gaara became Kazekage. He and Temari both became Gaara's staunchest supporters, after being basically on "try not to let him murder people" duty when we first met them. Sooo now of course I want to see Kankurou taking care of Gaara in other ways too...

I'll confess that Kakashi/Gaara started as "well, I fucking love Gaara, and I fucking love Kakashi, so..." But I am seriously down for however you want to take this. They could work surprisingly well together, or be a total trainwreck. They've both got violent, lonely pasts, and various flavors of daddy issues. An unexpected one-night or one-mission stand would be A+. Gaara's visiting Konoha, goes up to sit on a roof and angst, oops it's Kakashi's roof, so Kakashi pops up to make sure he isn't murdering anyone... etc. And I'm particularly into experienced/inexperienced here.

Note: I will have gotten through at least Shippuden episode 175 by reveals, because my friend told me I should :) And don't kill me, but I'd prefer no spoilers for future events. Incorporating information about backstories that's revealed later in the anime/manga is fine, but not "what happens next in the narrative present." I hope that makes sense.

  • Kakashi/Gaara
  • Kankurou/Gaara
  • Naruto/Gaara
Alpha/Beta/ Omega DynamicsFlexibilityLoss of VirginitySensation Play
Arousal From KillingFuck Or DieMagical Healing/ Resurrecting CockSex After Fighting/ Battle
BruisesFuckbuddies to LoversMating Cycles/In HeatSex Pollen
Cat/ Human HybridsInjured SexNeck KissingSexual Teasing
Desperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationKink DiscoveryNipple/ Breast PlaySharing a Bed
Dirty TalkKink ExplorationWeaponized Sex MagicSharing Body Heat
Drinking GamesKinky Sex Saves The DayOverstimulationtouch starvation
Drug-Induced SexKnottingBloodplayTraining
Drunk SexLap SexPossessive JealousyTrapped in a Small Space
Experienced/ InexperiencedLoss of ControlRough SexUnexpected feelings
  • Prompt 1: Training goes very, very wrong.... or very, very right, depending on your perspective ;) Maybe Naruto's trying out a mysterious new jutsu and it has unintended side-effects. Or he pins Gaara down with his clones... Maybe Gaara's struggling post-resurrection and is training privately with Kankurou - with, of course, some hands-on assistance. (or he thinks he hurts Kankurou badly and panics, and then panics about panicking? lol) (Gaara can get hurt too. That is always an option.) Or Gaara's training while visiting Konoha, and Kakashi's been assigned to escort him or spy on him. Or however you want to contrive things.
  • Prompt 2: Anything dealing with Gaara adjusting to life post-Shukaku would make me very, very happy. Figuring out what elements of him were the demon's influence, and what was him all along. Any physical differences in stamina or sensation. Actually sleeping. Dealing with feelings and connections when he's used to isolation. In an A/B/O verse, this could be combined with the unexpected onset of heats for some extra-overwhelming urges... Hint: a lot of "how Gaara deals" should be sex.
  • Prompt 3: Any sex pollen/aphrodisiac scenario you can think of, I'm there. Enemy jutsu has everyone horny? Someone spiked the punch at the diplomatic banquet? Gaara has a collection of succulents and one of them has Special Properties? The wildlife just gets weird sometimes? Bonus points if Gaara loses his virginity in the most overwhelming way possible.
  • Prompt 4: Visual things I particularly like, though they could be adapted to fic too: Rituals, drawing seals on each other, getting the elements involved, shadow clones.

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Request 7: Raven Cycle

That awkward moment when you realize your favorite character has been dead the whole time.... haha. That's okay! We can get through this! Death is no obstacle to shipping ;)

I'm late to the party here -- I only read the books in September 2016. Which coincided with my tarot interest, so it was a delightful bonus to find all of that worked into the story. I'd particularly love tarot-inspired art for these ships.

I'm very into liminal states for these characters. Noah, of course, between life and death; Ronan between dreaming and waking; Adam between Cabeswater's will and his own; Gansey between myth and truth, and life and death as well. There's a lot to dig into thematically with how they each relate to each other.

Note: For Noah/Gansey, just make Blue and Gansey platonic in that universe :)

  • Noah Czerny/Richard Gansey III
  • Noah Czerny/Ronan Lynch
  • Noah Czerny/Adam Parrish
BondageRitual SexOutdoor SexSharing Body Heat
CaretakingHealing SexOverstimulationSleepy Sex/ Morning Sex
Comfort SexKink DiscoveryPervertiblesSnowed In
Desperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationKink ExplorationPlayful SexSomething Made Them Do It
Drinking GamesKinky Sex Saves The DayPost-Coital CuddlingSomnophilia
Fuck Or DieLibrary SexSensation PlayStrip Games
Fuckbuddies To LoversMagical Healing/ Resurrecting CockSex in a Cartouch starvation
gratitude sexMasturbation InterruptusSex PollenTrapped in a Small Space
Hair-pullingNaked CuddlingSex ToysTrauma Recovery
Hand FeedingNeckties and The Many Uses ThereofSharing a BedVoyeurism
  • Prompt 1: There's a lot that Noah didn't get around to doing while he's alive. His more-than-just-a-friend/boyfriend/fuck-buddy helps him check things off the list anyway.
  • Prompt 2: Some sort of magical ritual to bring Noah back to life. Lots of options: true love's kiss is a classic. Or sex magic. (true love's dick?) To go to a darker place, maybe Ronan or Adam is desperately driven enough to kill one of the villains in exchange for Noah.
  • Prompt 2.5: Just one sex ritual isn't enough! Per this subthread on FFA.
  • Prompt 3: I guess this is less a completely separate prompt and more a follow-up to the previous, but -- something focusing on, if Noah's brought back, how he copes with it. What's it like to breathe and sleep and live again? To really touch people? Does he worry that they won't like the real-live-Noah as much as the dead Noah they got to know?

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Request 8: Togainu no Chi (Visual Novel)

Everyone in Togainu no Chi is driven by their obsessions; Shiki’s obsessed with killing Nano, and Rin’s obsessed with killing Shiki. I’m interested in exploring how the brothers relate to each other in conflicting and reflecting ways.

If they were somehow forced to work together after the game, I think they could perhaps find an uneasy ceasefire. They share a lot of experiences and they’re both frighteningly competent; they can see the value in each other’s skills even if they want each other dead.

Note: Rin’s age is vague enough that I don’t want any smut set pre-game.

Canon Acquisition Note: I used this resource post to download the game. (fair warning, the post is from 2014, so I'm unsure whether those tutorials work for newer systems. But it should be a good starting point.) If you're into super grimdark kinky BL visual novels, this might be your cup of tea -- and feel free to reach out if you want content warnings about anything :) This goes for anyone interested, whether or not you're considering writing or drawing it.

  • Shiki/Rin
Alpha/Beta/Omega DynamicsChokingHair-pullingMind Break
Antagonism Leads to SexClassical conditioningHuman FucktoyMind Games
AphrodisiacsClothed/NakedIncest KinkNipple Clamps
Arousal From KillingCorsetryInjured SexNon-Consensual Drug Use
Asshole SpankingDacryphiliaKinking On The MacabreObsession
Bloodplay (either can bleed)Drug-Induced SexKnotting (shiki's dick does the thing)Petplay
BondageDrugged SexLap SexPiercings
BrainwashingEnemies to LoversMaster/PetRough Sex
Butt PlugsForced SubmissionMaster/SlaveSex After Fighting/ Battle
CaptivityGlove KinkMating Cycles/ In HeatSex Tears/ Crying During Sex
  • Prompt 1: With Akira away with one of the other LIs, and Toshima crumbling on the brink of war, Rin and Shiki realize they’re both too injured/weak/lost/whatever to escape on their own. They have no choice but to work together if they want to survive.
  • Prompt 2: Alternate version of Shiki’s bad endings where he doesn’t kill Rin mid-game – and instead, Rin ends up taking Akira’s role. I’m very interested in both Bad End 1 (Shiki is an insane, tyrannical drug lord and Rin is his slutty sex slave) or Bad End 2 (Shiki is a slightly less insane military tyrant and Rin is his devoted second in command).
  • Prompt 3: Shiki decides that instead of avoiding Rin, the best way to fuck with him is to actually fuck him. Rin decides he may as well let himself be seduced – he wants Shiki’s attention, after all, and what better way to discover his brother’s vulnerabilities? Cue the rough and dirty Igura-era mutual manipulation sex.

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Request 9: Yuri!!! on Ice

I'm not usually into sports anime. But. I was incredibly into Figure Skating RPF during the Vancouver Olympics, and what I'd heard of YOI sounded slashy, so I thought I'd give it a try. And oh my god, it's everything I ever wanted in a figure skating anime :D

I adore Yuri Plisetsky. (tiny fairy! loves cats! passionate and determined! values his friends and family! will absolutely fuck you up!) I multiship the hell out of him, but particularly the three ships I've requested here. I like the teasing, flustered rivalry dynamics with JJ; the unexpected friends-to-lovers possibilities with Otabek; the idol-turned-rival pining and pursuit with Victor.

Note: If you're writing Victor/Yuri, I'd rather an AU where Victor/Yuuri just never happened -- I don't want them to have been together and then broken up or anything. Victor can still coach Yuuri, of course :)

Also, please no career-ending injuries.

  • Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
  • Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky
  • Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky
Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (omega!yuri)Dirty TalkLap Sexsex as reward
Asshole SpankingDom/Sub | Power PlayLarge CockSex Pollen
BrattingDrinking GamesMassageSharing a Bed
Butt PlugsDrunk SexMating Cycles/In HeatSnowed In
Cat/Human HybridsExperienced/ InexperiencedNipple LickingSomnophilia
Clothed/NakedGropingNipple/Breast PlaySpanking
Cock SlutHair-pullingNude PhotosSubspace/ Topspace
CollarsHeld DownOverstimulationTrapped in a Small Space
CorsetryKink DiscoveryRival SexMarathon Sex
Desperate Arousal/ Sexual FrustrationKnottingRivals With BenefitsTruth or Dare
  • Prompt 1: Wagers! In practice, competition, leisure time, whenever. "If I land this jump, you have to do X." "If I beat you in this event, you have to do Y." "Okay, but if you don't, you have to.." Consequences can be sexy (kiss me, blow me, take your shirt off, wear cat ears and a collar for me) or a bit more romantic (go on a date!), depending on ship and what you'd prefer to write or draw :D Longer fic could do a series of escalating wagers, but just one would be perfect for shorter fic!
  • Prompt 2: And this is going back to my baby-fan roots, but I'm a sucker for party game tropes. Spin the bottle, never have I ever, seven minutes in heaven, strip poker -- you know, just casual games between friends ;) Maybe a handful of skaters end up hanging out in one's hotel room after a gala, and then one by one people leave until only two are left? Or they end up making out while everyone else is still there, that works too ;)
  • Prompt 3: For something a bit less lighthearted -- they're all high-level athletes under intense pressure. Exploring the healthy and unhealthy ways they deal with that pressure and stress (alone, or with each other, or both) is very interesting to me.

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