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Dear Writer,

Thank you for offering one or more of my favorite ships! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Feel free to use one of my prompts, take only part of a prompt, repurpose a prompt from one canon to fit another, work off any of my Likes, or ignore the prompts and follow your own inspiration.

If you’d like clarification on anything, I’m happy to answer any questions sent via the mods.


General Preferences

Length-wise, go wherever the story takes you! I'm seriously good with anything. Past and present tense are both cool too. I'd be super into interactive fiction if you want to go there.

More than anything else, I’m a hurt/comfort junkie. Emotional and physical h/c are both catnip to me, whether it's the focus of the fic or just touches of it in worked in. I also tend to like emotionally tense get-together fics and/or complicated hook-ups rather than pure domestic fluff or established relationships. The tension can be due to dynamics between the characters, external forces, or both. (Depending on the ship, love and tenderness are A++! Picking out curtains and crying through a proposal, though, are not my thing.)

Smut-wise, I’m on-board for anal, oral, frottage, handjobs, only one person getting off. For on-screen anal, I do prefer that my faves bottom. (Faves would be Chuuya, Noctis, Ritsuka, and Yuri.)(For my non-Chuuya BSD ships, I also kinda prefer Dazai on top. I don't usually have a toppy bicycle, so this is new for me!!)(No preferences in Mysme! They're all my dysfunctional faves ^^) My Smut Swap letter is still relevant, and includes a lot of these ships.

Yes, Please!

  • Age differences
  • Bondage, blindfolds
  • Brave, silent suffering until another character realizes something’s wrong
  • Canon divergence AUs
  • Corsets
  • Cum inflation
  • Dubcon, manipulation, complicated feelings
  • Emotional and/or physical hurt/comfort
  • Hand-holding, casual touches, tenderness
  • Happy or ambiguous endings
  • Huddling for warmth, locked in a closet, enforced proximity scenarios
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Loyalty and protectiveness
  • Omegaverse (especially claiming, heats, and knotting. Slick's fine as long as it isn't excessive/soaking through clothing.)
  • Overworking, intentional or accidental undereating, self-care failures due to stress
  • Possessiveness
  • Praise kink
  • Rough sex, hair-pulling, bite-marks, bruises, breath play, spanking
  • Sex pollen, fuck or die, desperation scenarios
  • Size kink – both the size difference and the massive dick kind
  • Tentacles

Do Not Want

  • Animal harm/death
  • Crossovers/fusions
  • Extreme underage (15+ is fine)
  • First or second person POV
  • Infidelity, main ships breaking up*
  • Main character death, graphic gore, permanent maiming/incapacitation
  • Pregnancy, requested characters as parents
  • Scat, watersports, emetophilia, rimming, sounding
  • Setting-change AUs, role-reversal AUs, gender identity AUs

*Infidelity Exception: If relevant, Noctis can still be technically betrothed to Luna -- just treat it more as a political thing, or don't mention it.

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Request 1: Bungou Stray Dogs

  • Akutagawa Ryuunosuke/Nakajima Atsushi
  • Akutagawa Ryuunosuke/Dazai Osamu/Nakajima Atsushi
  • Akutagawa Ryuunosuke/Dazai Osamu
  • Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya
  • Dazai Osamu/Nakajima Atsushi

The character designs are what first drew me in, but the humor and complicated relationships and insane slash potential kept me hooked.

Chuuya's so much fun for me. I like fic that keeps his edge, even when indulging in the fantastic whump potential of Corruption. I like him and Dazai being assholes to each other, but coming through when it really, really counts. I'm also a sucker for ridiculous!drunk!Chuuya.

Dazai's this fascinating mix between childish and jaded; he's a great strategist and a terrible mentor. I can see him hooking up or getting into a relationship because he thinks he can use it to his advantage, and then accidentally falling for real.

I like the vulnerability beneath Akutagawa's violence -- he's terrible at hiding his desperation to please, and he doesn't cope well with people who can match his power. His moments of restraint become significant.

Atsushi <3 In some ways he's a bit of an inverse of Akutagawa -- strength hiding beneath insecurity. I love his determination and conviction, but his anxiety's also still a big obstacle.

Note: I'm caught up with the anime and the manga :)

  • Prompt 1: Any pair getting trapped in one of Poe's books! Accidentally or by design. The genre's up to you -- mystery, fairy tale, historical fiction, romance, erotica... Basically, it's an in-canon excuse for an AU, which works for me in a way a lot of pure AUs don't.
  • Prompt 2: Any of these ships would work great/terribly locked in a closet or trapped in a cabin in a snowstorm. Maybe one or both is also injured, for bonus H/C. Feel free to mix and match bickering, resentment, snark, tender care-taking, hatesex, cuddling for warmth, blatant seduction, sex pollen, or painful confessions, as appropriate for the ship or your own sensibilities.
  • Prompt 3: Chuuya in a dress for whatever reason and being Extremely Grumpy about it is really appealing to me. Even if it kind of secretly turns him on, he'd never admit it, especially with Dazai teasing him. Maybe he has to dress up for a *handwave* mission, or he lost a bet...
  • Prompt 4: Bondage, maybe? ;) Seriously any pairing, consensual or dubcon or noncon, before or after Dazai leaves the mafia. Using Rashoumon for bondage is A++, or bandages, but classic manacles are great too, as are collars... the power dynamics get pretty interesting with all of these ships.
  • Prompt 5: Dazai's completely moved on from the mafia, and he definitely doesn't want anything to do with Chuuya. But when he hears Chuuya has a new partner -- that's not acceptable.

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Request 2: Final Fantasy XV

  • Gladiolus Amicitia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ardyn Izunia/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ravus Nox Fleuret/Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Ardyn Izunia/Ravus Nox Fleuret/Noctis Lucis Caelum

I don't know if I've ever been so simultaneously thrilled and shattered by a canon. Hopefully you're on board for Noctis Lives AUs, or things set mid-game that wouldn't contradict a Noctis Lives AU, because :( I'm also not really a fan of 10-year time skips in general, and it didn't work for me here. Again, mid-game stuff works! Or if you're able to eliminate or reduce the time skip to one year, that would be fantastic.

Overall, I'm down for a broad range of relationship dynamics. Depending on the time and place, I can see Ardyn and Ravus as more sympathetic or very much not sympathetic, more helpful or more harmful -- depending on how their personal agendas happen to interact with Noct's welfare that day. Gladio's good for fantastic protective loyalty kink and lashing out with stress and frustration. Also, just. Size difference kink, all over the place.

And then Noct <3 He struggles so much with just about everything, and I'm personally offended nobody hugged him in-game. He had so much to grieve for, and so little time and space to recover, and he cared so much about people. All the manhandling was great, though, whether protective or angry or bad-touch...

If you would like to include my chocobo OC, that would utterly delight me. Noct has a white chocobo, and her name is Nebula, which is google translate Latin for "Cloud."

Note: Noctis shouldn't die. For Ardyn/Noct, Ravus/Noct, or Ardyn/Ravus/Noct, Ardyn and Ravus shouldn't die either.

Chocobro Ship Prompts

  • Prompt 1: Split the plot goals more equitably. Luna's off taking care of waking the gods and stuff; Noct's job is just to collect his ancestor's weapons and then take care of the Niflheim invasion from a more tactical/military perspective.
  • Prompt 2: There are two great "huddling for warmth" opportunities that stuck out to me! The first was the "sword in the waterfall" quest, in the super cold cave system. The second was on the train later in the game, before or after they encounter the Glacian.
  • Prompt 3: Noct has a nightmare. H/C or more hurt ensues.
  • Prompt 4: Romantic date night in Altissia! Could be something surprisingly tender, or they fuck in a gondola, or things get a lil wild at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. ("if I beat you at Chocobo racing you have to do whatever I say tonight" y/y??)
  • Prompt 5: Noct and Gladio get separated from the other chocobros out in the wilderness (without phones? idk), and have to trek across the countryside to get to civilization (and phones) in order to reunite.

Enemies to ???? Ship Prompts

  • Prompt 1: If Noct asks to ride along with Ardyn, Ardyn answers, "You might find the cab fare to be more than you bargained for." So, I'd love fic of Ardyn letting Noct ride along after all, and collecting that cab fare.
  • Prompt 2: What happens during the "several days later" at the start of chapter 5, when Ardyn has rescued them from Titan?
  • Prompt 3: Noct has a nightmare. H/C or more hurt ensues.
  • Prompt 4: Romantic date night in Altissia! Ardyn dubcon wines and dines Noctis -- or Ravus takes the opportunity to "negotiate" with Noctis... Or both. Both is good.
  • Prompt 5: Canon divergence -- either from the signing of the treaty or another point -- Noct ends up as an honored guest/hostage at Niflheim's court. Cue decadent banquets, unwanted attention, and giving in to distraction. Ardyn being his creepy self. For something less noncon/dubcon, Ravus and Noct could find some commonality in both being under Niflheim's thumb. (Or Ravus can just take out his own frustrations on Noct as a safe target too. I'm flexible.)
  • Prompt 6: Oh no, Luna's gone missing. Noctis will just have to marry Ravus instead.
  • Prompt 7: Ardyn decides he wants to rule the world, but he doesn't want to rule alone. Ardyn/Noct or Ardyn/Ravus/Noct all work very well here.
  • Prompt 8: Instead of being in the crystal or whatever for ten years, Noctis is held captive by Ardyn for one year.

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Request 3: Loveless

  • Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei
  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka
  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei

I really like the cat ears, but am also down for fic where Ritsuka no longer has his ears, whether or not he loses them on-screen. (I'd prefer Ritsuka be at least 15 before anything more than making out or over-the-clothes bad-touching from Seimei.)

I see Soubi/Ritsuka as fluffy, angsty, hesitant, gentle, rough, dubcon, or any combination of the above! There are a lot of different routes you could sell me on. I do like mutual caretaking and hurt/comfort for them :) In terms of power dynamics, I'm really interested in Soubi's desire/need to submit, and how that meshes very messily with the fact that in this relationship, he's still the adult putting his leash in Ritsuka's hand. Ritsuka really isn't equipped to deal with Soubi's issues (and neither, of course, is Soubi).

Meanwhile, Seimei/Ritsuka goes way darker into dubcon territory. Seimei is pretty creepy and controlling, and Ritsuka's so desperate for his love and attention. Seimei demands complete devotion, and sometimes Ritsuka seems willing to give that.

In a situation with the three of them -- Seimei is very cold, but he does treat Ritsuka as exceptional. And he's happy to use Soubi and Ritsuka against each other.

  • Prompt 1: I'd love to see Soubi and Ritsuka working through the aftermath of a battle -- maybe it dredged up some painful memories for either of them, maybe there's more physical hurt/comfort, maybe a spell had some lingering aftereffects (could be angsty aftereffects! could be porny aftereffects! dealer's choice!). Could also work for bad-wrong hurt/comfort with Seimei/Ritsuka or Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi.
  • Prompt 2: Somehow (AU where Soubi never shows up for Rituska?) Ritsuka ends up on the run and in hiding with Seimei. Maybe Seimei brought him with him when he originally left, or he comes back for him later. What do they get up to in hiding together? Does Seimei teach Ritsuka how to act as a Sacrifice (maybe using Nisei to practice on Ritsuka)? Would work for easily Seimei/Ritsuka or Seimei/Ritsuka/Soubi -- or even Soubi/Ritsuka, with them finding companionship in Seimei's shadow.
  • Prompt 3: Something a little more lighthearted, I guess -- celebrating a holiday or birthday or other special event. Dressing up, making memories, showing affection, getting flustered. Possibly a tinge of sadness that some people aren't there to celebrate too.

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Request 4: Mystic Messenger

  • 707 | Luciel Choi/Jumin Han
  • 707 | Luciel Choi/V
  • 707 | Luciel Choi/Zen | Hyun Ryu
  • Jumin Han/Zen | Hyun Ryu
  • V/Zen | Hyun Ryu

I fully blame Aeiouna for my lack of sleep over the past month and a half, as first it was "Aei keeps posting cute Mysme things, maybe I should check this out" and next it was "I'm setting an alarm for 3 a.m. to talk with my video game boyfriend."

No regrets!! I'm having so much fun with this game. I love the texting and bantering and bickering and the wacky party guests and the rare potato chips. And as is my usual visual novel style, I've ended up shipping the love interests with each other more than with the main character.

I love how intense each of them is about their work, and how they each have their quirks. They're very independent, and I don't think many of them would have been drawn together without Rika's influence forming the RFA. I like the intensity and the rough edges, and don't want things to get too sweet too quickly. But the mutual protective impulses are A++.

Jumin and Seven have this pigtail-pulling thing going on over Elizabeth. I really enjoyed how Jumin and Zen's reconciliation played out in Zen's route -- I like them both struggling to understand each other. V and Seven have a very close connection and share a lot of secrets, but there's a difference in authority and control that I see frustrating Seven a lot. Seven and Zen's friendship with mutual caretaking is very nice, with Zen wanting Seven to eat better and Seven helping Zen out in his own not-quite-legal ways. Zen's almost hero-worship of V is interesting in light of the fact that V canonically stalked him to photograph him...

I've finished Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, and Jumin's routes, and have just started Seven's. I'll be finished with him in about 10 days, so don't worry about avoiding major spoilers about anything ;) I'm really down for whichever route you want to follow if you write canon-era fic. You're also welcome to mix and match events from different routes -- for example, if you have Elizabeth go missing and Zen gets slandered by Echo Girl, while MC hooks up with Jaehee in the background. Follow your inspiration and do whatever works best for your story :D

Note: For the V ships, please don't set the fic while he's still together with Rika. If you're writing canon-era or post-canon fic and want to include the MC, I'm open to any name and appearance for her. (If you want, I can provide a rundown of all the MCs I've played -- but I'm seriously open to name/appearance) Depending on which of my requested ships you're writing, I like her ending up with Jaehee, Zen, or Seven. (or nobody works too!)

  • Prompt 1: Someone, anyone, is wearing cat ears.
  • Prompt 2: Something along the lines of Jumin's canon route, except he's getting neurotically possessive/over-protective over Zen or Seven instead of the MC.
  • Prompt 3: V hires Zen to pose for a sensual, romantic photo shoot. Clothes optional, depending on what you want to write! (...V can also get Seven to pose for a sensual photo shoot too, if you can make it work...)
  • Prompt 4: Something unexpected happens between one of the ships at one of the RFA parties! Could be a hook-up, could be a surprise kiss, could be a drunken confession? Either a pre-canon party, or the Day 11 party at the end of the game? Could be fumbling in a dark corner, or embarrassingly public? Dealer's choice ;)
  • Prompt 5: Jumin needs a guest for a fancy business event. Or Zen needs a guest for a fancy theater event. They ask [other character in ship]. Neither of them is sure if it's a date, but they really really want it to be.
  • Prompt 6: Have fun with the chatroom and messaging format! Flirting over text, sending each other photos, sexting, etc. (Bonus if it's a prelude to meeting up in person after a day or week or so of driving each other crazy)

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Request 5: Yuri!!! on Ice

  • Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky
  • Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky

I'm not usually into sports anime. But. I was incredibly into Figure Skating RPF during the Vancouver Olympics, and what I'd heard of YOI sounded slashy, so I thought I'd give it a try. And oh my god, it's everything I ever wanted in a figure skating anime :D

I adore Yuri Plisetsky. (tiny fairy! loves cats! passionate and determined! values his friends and family! will absolutely fuck you up!) I multiship the hell out of him, but particularly the two ships I've requested here. I especially like the teasing, flustered rivalry dynamics with JJ and the idol-turned-rival pining and pursuit with Victor.

Note: If you're writing Victor/Yuri, I'd rather an AU where Victor/Yuuri just never happened -- I don't want them to have been together and then broken up or anything. Victor can still coach Yuuri, of course :)

Also, please no career-ending injuries.

  • Prompt 1: Wagers! In practice, competition, leisure time, whenever. "If I land this jump, you have to do X." "If I beat you in this event, you have to do Y." "Okay, but if you don't, you have to.." Consequences can be sexy (kiss me, blow me, take your shirt off, wear cat ears and a collar for me) or a bit more romantic (go on a date!), depending on ship and what you'd prefer to write or draw :D Longer fic could do a series of escalating wagers, but just one would be perfect for shorter fic!
  • Prompt 2: And this is going back to my baby-fan roots, but I'm a sucker for party game tropes. Spin the bottle, never have I ever, seven minutes in heaven, strip poker -- you know, just casual games between friends ;) Maybe a handful of skaters end up hanging out in one's hotel room after a gala, and then one by one people leave until only two are left? Or they end up making out while everyone else is still there, that works too ;)
  • Prompt 3: For something a bit less lighthearted -- they're all high-level athletes under intense pressure. Exploring the healthy and unhealthy ways they deal with that pressure and stress (alone, or with each other, or both) is very interesting to me.

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