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Dear Writer,

Thank you for offering one or more of my favorite incest ships! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Feel free to use or adapt one of my prompts, work off any of my Likes, or ignore the prompts and follow your own inspiration. I'm in this for fic about my faves -- the prompts are there to help if you want them!

If you’d like clarification on anything, I’m happy to answer any questions sent via the mod.


General Preferences

I can go angsty or sweet or dubcon or desperate or angsty-sweet-dubcon-desperate with my incest ships :D I like co-dependency. I like "we're the only ones who understand each other." I like "how can this be wrong when it feels so right." I also enjoy dubcon or noncon incest, and one character using it as a way to manipulate their relative.

One thing I don't like is the incest being a complete non-issue. I like it as a source of conflict and tension, or something they need to keep secret, whether or not they're ashamed of it.

Length-wise, go wherever the story takes you! I'm seriously good with anything. Past and present tense are both cool too. I'd be super into interactive fiction if you want to go there.

More than anything else, I’m a hurt/comfort junkie. Emotional and physical h/c are both catnip to me, whether it's the focus of the fic or just touches of it in worked in. I also tend to like emotionally tense get-together fics and/or complicated hook-ups rather than pure domestic fluff or established relationships. The tension can be due to dynamics between the characters, external forces, or both. (Depending on the ship, love and tenderness are A++! Picking out curtains and crying through a proposal, though, are not my thing.)

Smut-wise, I’m on-board for anal, oral, frottage, handjobs, only one person getting off. For on-screen anal, I prefer that my faves bottom. (Faves would be Ritsuka, Catboys, Leo, Licht, Rin, and Yuri.) (I'm good either way for Choicest and Leo/Licht! They're co-faves :D) My Smut Swap letters are still relevant, if you want tables and tables of my favorite kinks.

Yes, Please!

  • Age differences
  • Bondage, blindfolds
  • Brave, silent suffering until another character realizes something’s wrong
  • Canon divergence AUs
  • Corsets
  • Cum inflation
  • Dubcon, manipulation, complicated feelings
  • Emotional and/or physical hurt/comfort
  • Hand-holding, casual touches, tenderness
  • Happy or ambiguous endings
  • Huddling for warmth, locked in a closet, enforced proximity scenarios
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Loyalty and protectiveness
  • Omegaverse (especially claiming, heats, and knotting. Slick's fine as long as it isn't excessive/soaking through clothing.)
  • Overworking, intentional or accidental undereating, self-care failures due to stress
  • Possessiveness
  • Praise kink
  • Rough sex, hair-pulling, bite-marks, bruises, breath play, spanking
  • Sex pollen, fuck or die, desperation scenarios
  • Size kink – both the size difference and the massive dick kind
  • Somnophilia - all consent levels, waking up or not are both fine
  • Tarot imagery
  • Tentacles

Do Not Want

  • Gen or pre-slash
  • Animal harm/death
  • Crossovers/fusions
  • Extreme underage (14+ is fine)
  • First or second person POV
  • Infidelity, main ships breaking up
  • Main character death, graphic gore, permanent maiming/incapacitation*
  • Pregnancy, requested characters as parents
  • Scat, watersports, emetophilia, rimming, sounding
  • Setting-change AUs, role-reversal AUs, gender identity AUs

*Rin can lose his leg like in canon.

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Request 1: Loveless

  • Agatsuma Soubi/Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei
  • Aoyagi Ritsuka/Aoyagi Seimei

I really like the cat ears, but am also down for fic where Ritsuka no longer has his ears, whether or not he loses them on-screen. (I'd prefer Ritsuka be at least 14 before anything more than making out or over-the-clothes bad-touching from Seimei.)

Seimei/Ritsuka goes pretty dark into dubcon territory at least. Seimei is pretty creepy and controlling, and Ritsuka's so desperate for his love and attention. Seimei demands complete devotion, and sometimes Ritsuka seems willing to give that.

In a situation with the three of them -- Seimei is very cold, but he does treat Ritsuka as exceptional. And he's happy to use Soubi and Ritsuka against each other. I'd be very down for situations where Soubi and Ritsuka are trying to protect each other, in ways that end up getting themselves hurt more. And for them both still caring for Seimei despite everything, in a fucked-up way.

  • Prompt 1: Something focusing on the spell battles, and their aftermath. Maybe it dredges up some painful memories, maybe there's physical damage, maybe a spell had some lingering aftereffects (could be angsty aftereffects! could be porny aftereffects! dealer's choice!). Maybe Seimei does some dream/vision shenanigans where he mindfucks Ritsuka.
  • Prompt 2: Somehow (AU where Soubi never shows up for Rituska?) Ritsuka ends up on the run and in hiding with Seimei. Maybe Seimei brought him with him when he originally left, or he comes back for him later. What do they get up to in hiding together? Does Seimei teach Ritsuka how to act as a Sacrifice (maybe using Nisei to practice on Ritsuka)?
  • Prompt 3: Seimei gets caught, and held prisoner. Maybe at the academy, and Ritsuka visits. Maybe he's put under magic house arrest, so he's back living at home, and Ritsuka (and possibly Soubi) have to try acting like things are normal but they aren't.

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Request 5: Mystic Messenger

  • 707 | Luciel Choi/Saeran Choi

I love the texting and bantering and bickering and the wacky party guests and the rare potato chips. And as is my usual visual novel style, I've ended up shipping the love interests with each other more than with the main character.

Seven and Saeran hit all my dysfunctional twincest buttons. There's so much tangled up between them, and cutting through it will be painful, but worth it if they can get to the core feelings. I like the intensity and the rough edges, and don't want things to get too sweet too quickly. But the mutual obsession/protective impulses are A++.

I've finished the five main routes. Haven't played any of the post-ending extras, but don't worry about spoiling anything. I'm really down for whichever route you want to follow if you write canon-era fic. You're also welcome to mix and match events from different routes -- for example, if you have Elizabeth go missing and Zen gets slandered by Echo Girl, while MC hooks up with Jaehee in the background. Follow your inspiration and do whatever works best for your story :D

Notes: If you're writing canon-era or post-canon fic and want to include the MC, I'm open to any name and appearance for her. I like her ending up with Jaehee or Zen. (or nobody works too!)

  • Prompt 1: Someone, anyone, is wearing cat ears.
  • Prompt 2: Saeran somehow ends up at one of the RFA parties, romantic shenanigans ensue. Could be a hook-up, could be a surprise kiss, could be a drunken confession? Either a pre-canon party, or the Day 11 party at the end of the game? Could be fumbling in a dark corner, or embarrassingly public? Dealer's choice ;)
  • Prompt 3: Have fun with the chatroom and messaging format! Flirting over text, sending each other photos, sexting, etc. (Bonus if it's a prelude to meeting up in person after a day or week or so of driving each other crazy) (with Saeran I could see it starting out as taunting and then getting more flirty...)
  • Prompt 4: Seven and Saeran end up on the run together after the events of the game -- possibly one holding the other captive? or working together -- and struggling through memories and feelings, and being just generally possessive and desperate.
  • Prompt 5: Mission gone awry, sex pollen style: Seven gets dosed with an aphrodisiac by a *handwave* shady villain. Saeran is stuck dealing with him ;) Or Saeran does, and Seven has to take care of them ;)

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Request 3: Naruto

  • Kankurou/Gaara

So apparently I didn't skip my Naruto phase. I just delayed it. We can blame the Crunchyroll free trial I forgot to cancel. I had to make the most of my accidental subcription somehow.

The melodrama and tragedy and humor and character designs and child soldiers and intense weird relationships of various flavors and 500 onsen episodes all really work for me.

As does Gaara. Lol. I adore him, murderously poor coping skills and all. I like fic that taps into vulnerabilities without handwaving the whole ruthless child murderer backstory thing. Explore how far he's grown emotionally, and how far he still has to go.

I started hardcore shipping Kankurou/Gaara during the saving-Gaara arc. Kankurou was just so intense about going after him -- and standing up for him when the rest of the council didn't want to rescue him. I liked the bits we got about Kankurou clearing out potential threats when Gaara became Kazekage. He and Temari both became Gaara's staunchest supporters, after being basically on "try not to let him murder people" duty when we first met them. I want to see that reliance and affection taken to the next level.

Note: I will have gotten through at least Shippuden episode 200 by reveals. And don't kill me, but I'd prefer no spoilers for future events. Incorporating information about backstories that's revealed later in the anime/manga is fine, but not "what happens next in the narrative present." I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, or if you have any questions about my Naruto preferences/knowledge/etc, you can ask mornelithe_falconsbane for help. They know everything.

  • Prompt 1: Someone is trying to assassinate Gaara! So the assassins must be stopped. And Gaara has to be protected, even though he'd rather just deal with them on his own -- people are sensitive about that after he's already been kidnapped and murdered once. Feel free to take this into political intrigue or action, or just focus on the iddy hurt/comfort and bodyguarding elements. (Or all of it. All of it is good.)
  • Prompt 2: Anything dealing with Gaara adjusting to life post-Shukaku would make me very, very happy. Figuring out what elements of him were the demon's influence, and what was him all along. Any physical differences in stamina or sensation. Actually sleeping. Dealing with feelings and connections when he's used to isolation.
  • Prompt 3: Any sex pollen/aphrodisiac scenario you can think of, I'm there. Enemy jutsu has everyone horny? Someone spiked the punch at the diplomatic banquet? Gaara has a collection of succulents and one of them has Special Properties? The wildlife just gets weird sometimes? Bonus points if Gaara loses his virginity in the most overwhelming way possible.

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Request 4: Original Work

  • Catboy Brother/Human Brother
  • Catboy Twin Brother/Catboy Twin Brother/Unrelated Male Human
  • Twin Brother/Twin Brother/Catboy
  • Dark Lord Older Brother/Enslaved Catboy Younger Brother
  • Older Male Human Aristocrat Cousin/Younger Catboy Cousin He's Arranged to Marry

This is the first time I've nominated original work ships! I had fun with it. Catboy incest! What's not to love? :D

I like a wide variety of catboy-compliant worldbuilding set-ups. Could be modern-day except catboys, historical except catboys, sci-fi, fantasy. A/B/O could fit in too.

Particular things I like in catboy fic: expressive ears and tails, ear-scritching, purring, hissing, going into heat, collars, cuddling, naps.

Catboy Brother/Human Brother
Why is one a catboy and one a human? Up to you! I'm okay with them being half-brothers, or adopted, or catpeople-ness is a recessive gene, or the catboy brother used to be human but was transformed by a magic spell. Feel free to mix in other tropes/character types too! Assassins, ninjas, royalty, sexy librarian catboy, etc.

Catboy Twin Brother/Catboy Twin Brother/Unrelated Male Human
Identical or fraternal catboy twins are both fine! I prefer the catboy twins to be romantically/sexually into each other, rather than a situation where they're not attracted but the third character is forcing them to fuck. I'm down for poly dating scenarios, brothers working as high class twin catboy courtesans, male human purchasing twin catboy slaves, male human rescuing brainwashed twin catboy sex slaves. This is one ship where I'd be okay with the incest being normalized for the catboys' culture but not the human's, too.

Twin Brother/Twin Brother/Catboy
The twin brothers don't necessarily have to be human! Elves, fae folk, demons, vampires, dragon shifters, werewolves are all welcome as well. I like the concept of both twins trying to woo the catboy, and the catboy being into both of them, and to make the triangle messier the brothers are repressing feelings for each other too, and then they all kiss :D Darker stuff works too, as usual.

Dark Lord Older Brother/Enslaved Catboy Younger Brother
What it says on the tin, pretty much! I envision this in a fantasy setting -- dark wizardry or unseelie court or something. I enjoy a dark possessiveness here, and "only I can touch you" feelings. The younger brother having super complicated feelings about his older brother is A+++ too.

Older Male Human Aristocrat Cousin/Younger Catboy Cousin He's Arranged to Marry
Hopefully the tag is pretty clear! I'm down for larger or smaller age gaps here, and all sorts of justifications for the arranged marriage. Presumably to cement some negotiation, but a glorified hostage situation would also be excellent. I would rather the catboy be coming to move in with the older cousin's people. Each character's willingness/reluctance in the situation is up to you -- as is how well they knew each other before the arrangement. Could be interesting to have cousincest more normalized among one culture than the other -- conflict there with one character not wanting to fuck his cousin, the other worried about repulsing him...

  • Prompt 1: I mentioned this above, but "other character(s) rescues brainwashed catboy sex slave(s)" is a scenario that really works for my id :D ...especially if catboy sex slave(s) go into heat and the rescuer tries to resist but ends up having no choice but to fuck them... alll the badwrong guilt :D
  • Prompt 2: Obdedience compulsions that the other character(s) may or may not be aware of as they intentionally or accidentally trigger the compulsions.
  • Prompt 3: Drugs, alcohol, sex pollen, magic bringing repressed feelings to the forefront is always A+.
  • Prompt 4: Cuddling and lazing about in bed or out in the garden or on a balcony, just something playful and relaxed. Which could stay sweet, or be paired with some hurt/comfort, or have super messed up dubcon cuddling power dynamics.

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Request 5: The Royal Tutor

  • Leonhard/Licht
  • Bruno/Leonhard
  • Bruno/Licht
  • Kai/Leonhard
  • Kai/Licht
  • Eins/Leonhard
  • Eins/Licht
  • Eins/Leonhard/Rosenberg
  • Eins/Licht/Rosenberg

I watched this very quickly, and fell very quickly in love. The princes are all so sweet and ridiculous, but there's also a lot of darkness and intrigue going on with the underlying politics. With their father distant and a parade of tutors coming in and out, the four younger princes have formed a very close, dependent bond, despite the occasional conflict. I'm very interested in that closeness sliding into less wholesome feelings for each other :D

Leonhard and Licht are my faves. I love Leonhard's enthusiasm and naivete, as well as his tsundere attitude. Licht's flirty playboy attitude is kind of hilarious, but I also really enjoy him making real connections with people -- the care he puts into his cafe job is precious <3

I've only watched the anime, so I don't know if Eins gets more development in the manga -- but in the anime, he's a very mysterious figure. I spent pretty much the entire show telling my sister, "I wonder when the oldest brother shows up! Where is the oldest brother? When do we meet him..." And then he shows up very briefly, but he's tall and hot and clearly has plans in motion that he doesn't need Rosenberg's interference for (basically calls him to heel, lol) -- so I'm sold :D

I see any of the Eins ships getting into darker, more manipulative territory -- maybe Eins is trying to secure one of his brothers' loyalty. Or there's just a badwrong attraction he chooses not to suppress. I'd also be down for established Eins/Rosenberg secret lovers or fuckbuddies letting one of the younger brothers in on the action.

...also, completely unrelated side note. For the majority of the anime, I was convinced that Heine's secret past was that he was a demon. Clearly that turned out not to be the case, but if you want to incorporate some witchcraft or demonic happenings in the worldbuilding, that would be fine with me :) ...makes things like "sex pollen" and "magically bound together" a bit easier to finagle, should you want :D

  • Prompt 1: Bruno's tutoring Licht or Leonhard; they have other ideas about how to spend the time alone ;)
  • Prompt 2: Someone threatens or injures Leonhard or Licht, triggering Kai's protective instincts.
  • Prompt 3: Leonhard or Licht spends a few months visiting Eins at Schwarz Palace.
  • Prompt 4: One or more of the brothers has a little too much to drink at a palance banquet or town festival-- drunken confessions and make-outs and general bad decisions ensue.
  • Prompt 5: One of the brothers is having a rough day, so Licht drags them off for a fun night around town.
  • Prompt 6: Licht sneaks into a fancy club or seedy bar, and runs into Count Rosenberg -- who drags him off to Eins for a talking-to, or something more ;)
  • Prompt 7: A diplomatic visit abroad goes awry. Oh, no! They're injured and trapped in a remote cave or cottage. Whatever shall they do.
  • Prompt 8: I'm particularly into praise kink for Leonhard, since he's so insecure in canon.
  • Prompt 9: Someone gets dosed with sex pollen, accidentally or maliciously. Better take care of that in private, wouldn't want anyone else to know...
  • Prompt 10: One brother has nightmares, and crawls into bed with another for comfort.

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Request 6: Togainu no Chi

  • Shiki/Rin

Everyone in Togainu no Chi is driven by their obsessions; Shiki’s obsessed with killing Nano, and Rin’s obsessed with killing Shiki. I’m interested in exploring how the brothers relate to each other in conflicting and reflecting ways.

If they were somehow forced to work together after the game, I think they could perhaps find an uneasy ceasefire. They share a lot of experiences and they’re both frighteningly competent; they can see the value in each other’s skills even if they want each other dead.

Note: Rin’s age is vague enough that I don’t want any smut set pre-game.

  • Prompt 1: With Akira away with one of the other LIs, and Toshima crumbling on the brink of war, Rin and Shiki realize they’re both too injured/weak/lost/whatever to escape on their own. They have no choice but to work together if they want to survive.
  • Prompt 2: Alternate version of Shiki’s bad endings where he doesn’t kill Rin mid-game – and instead, Rin ends up taking Akira’s role. I’m very interested in both Bad End 1 (Shiki is an insane, tyrannical drug lord and Rin is his slutty sex slave) or Bad End 2 (Shiki is a slightly less insane military tyrant and Rin is his devoted second in command).
  • Prompt 3: Shiki decides that instead of avoiding Rin, the best way to fuck with him is to actually fuck him. Rin decides he may as well let himself be seduced – he wants Shiki’s attention, after all, and what better way to discover his brother’s vulnerabilities? Cue the rough and dirty Igura-era mutual manipulation sex.

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Request 7: Yuri!!! on Ice

  • JJ/JJ/Yuri
  • Victor/Victor/Yuri
  • Victor/Teen Victor/Christophe

I usually DNW setting-change AUs, but for these ships, you can, of course, push the setting boundaries with sci-fi and fantasy justifications. As long as the characters are all still skaters, I'm happy (with one exception AU, which I've prompted below!). Whether random doubles or tentacle monsters are something impossible and shocking or plausible (and still shocking? :P) in that setting is up to you.

I don't want clones who were cloned as embryos and raised as separate people in the same world -- that's basically just twins. So, time travel shenanigans, accidentally crossed over from an alternate dimension, or science-magically duplicated in the present are all great options. If one of them is an evil clone/dark shadow self thing, that could be fun to play with as well.

Since this is Relationshipping, I want to emphasize that I'm just as interested in the doubles' relationships with each other, as well as with Yuri. I like knowing how each leg of the triangle works, as well as how the whole thing works. (or doesn't work)

My RSOI letter has more about my views on Victor/Yuri and JJ/Yuri as pairs, if the info helps you for the threesomes :)

Note: For JJ/JJ/Yuri, please handwave and pretend neither JJ is dating Isabella. For Victor/Victor/Yuri, I'd also rather have an AU where Victor/Yuuri just never happened -- I don't want them to have been together and then broken up or anything. One or both Victors can still coach Yuuri, of course :) For Victor/Teen Victor/Christophe, I'd similarly prefer neither Victor is dating Yuuri -- and don't want Christophe together with his canon maybe-boyfriend.

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Jean-Jacques Leroy/Yuri Plisetsky:
And Yuri thought one JJ was bad enough :D I see this as double the trouble, and JJ being constantly unsure whether he should be competing with himself or teaming up with himself to drive Yuri wild. If JJ2 comes from an alternate dimension, slightly different tattoos would be cool. I'm really into identical, same-age JJ duplicates or one being canon-age + one being a few years older.

Feel free to indulge in tropey drama, as long as everything gets kissed better by the end, haha. JJ getting jealous seeing himself making out with Yuri. Yuri only being in a relationship with one and accidentally making a move on the wrong one without realizing it. Yuri running into JJ1 the day after hooking up with JJ2, and thinks JJ1's pretending the night before didn't mean anything. I'm always a fan of Yuri being emotionally dialed up to 11, lol. ...pure smut works too. I like romance, possessiveness, roughness, praise.

Victor Nikiforov/Victor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky:
Off the top of my head, my favorite options here would be same-age 27/28-year-old Victors, or 27/28-year-old Victor plus late-teens long-haired Victor :D Victor's vain enough I think he could be quite distracted by himself in either scenario. And Yuri tries very hard to stay jaded, but two Victors would dazzle anyone.

I like them playfully teaming up on Yuri. I also like Yuri pushing one or both of them to the point where they lose their temper. (one of them holds him down while the other spanks him? :D) Tropey drama is welcome here as well, as are overwhelming first relationships/first kisses/first time sex on Yuri's part. I'm open to dubcon if you are.

Victor Nikiforov/Teenage Victor Nikiforov/Christophe Giacometti:
I saw this in the tag set and absolutely could not resist :D Victor and Christophe have such great camaraderie and chemistry off the ice, and I'm very interested in the complications that could ensue from adding teen Victor.

I somewhat prefer Christophe being canon age like Victor, rather than younger like Teen!Victor. I'd love established Victor/Christophe with teen Victor added in, or on-again, off-again fuckbuddies, or various combinations of crushes and pining finally culminating in something. Both Chris and Victor feeling kind of dirty but also helplessly turned on by teen Victor, who's just so pretty and eager and thinks he's jaded but has no idea, really.

  • Prompt 1: High Fantasy AU! My one complete setting-change AU exception for this exchange, haha. Maybe witch!Yuri accidentally clones his knight/elf/prince boyfriend. Maybe catboy!Yuri falls in with dark and light fae folk doubles. The JJs or Victors as dragon shifters would be cool too.
  • Prompt 2: Established/handwaved connection between parallel universes -- alt!verse has different technological capabilities, so can send their people regularly back and forth. JJ or Victor is one of those people, and the alt!JJ or alt!Victor regularly visits canon verse. Maybe they're diplomats or scientists or related to scientists or celebrity emissaries? But they naturally seek out their double here, and that's how they meet the other two. (I'm down for tons of varieties on this, if those specifics don't work for you!)
  • Prompt 3: You don't even have to explain it, just start with a magic poof and what the fuck, why are there two of you? If the magic accident gives someone cat ears too, I wouldn't say no.
  • Prompt 4: If teen!Victor was magically called into being or brought over from an alternate dimension, I'm rather enamored of the idea of him ending up living with Victor (+ Christophe, or Chrisophe visits) for a prolonged period of time -- a guardian/ward thing while people figure out what to do with him. Bonus points for the dependency adding another layer of complication to the ensuing threeway attraction...
  • Prompt 5: Decadent hotel room or poolside shenanigans are always nice, as is gratuitous cuddling.

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